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The Blacklist

Rock and roll is a family affair for the The Blacklist, a Lakeland , Florida based band. The group was founded by brothers Jason (bass, vocals) and Daniel Parker (guitar, keyboard, vocals) along with Daniel’s wife Lisa Parker (vocals). The founding members, all Florida Southern College music students, were steeped in classical traditions and self trained in the art of rock and roll. Drummer Chris Moore was added to complete the band.


For The Blacklist they envisioned an original modern hard rock sound driven by churning riffs and overlaid with crystalline harmonic soundscapes. The band incorporates elements from classical and jazz, to psychedelia, punk, and metal. Regardless of style, the foundation of the band is solid song writing. The songs’ lyrical themes run from dark to humorous. Drawing on the originality of its members, the band is able to streamline this eclectic brew into a heavy, but melodic style, free of pretense or limitations.


Vocalist Lisa Parker performed as part of the “Stars of Tomorrow” showcase in the Orlando area before joining the rock act Electric Pilot. Brothers Daniel and Jason Parker were the guitarist and bassist, respectively, as well as vocalists in Electric Pilot. The Parkers reunited to play several acoustic shows under the name The Blacklist before adding Moore (formerly of Solaris) on drums.


The positive chemistry could be felt by all of the members in the first few rehearsals and the prospects for The Blacklist seemed promising. They soon booked shows across Central Florida including the historic venues Cypress Gardens and The Polk Theatre, as well as well as popular rock venues like Holly & Dolly’s and Doc’s Place. The Blacklist has developed a solid local following and continues to build its fan base across Florida and beyond.


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