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The Blacklist rings in New Year with new recording 

of "Wake Up" as they continue to work on EP 

The Blacklist has released a new recording of their original song "Wake Up." The song is both heavy and melodic and showcases the heavy riffing and vocal harmonies of the band. The song opens with an eerie clean guitar riff overlaid with mournful lead guitar lines, all played by Daniel Parker. Daniel's voice calls the listener to order with the line "Hey everybody, it's time to wake up!" as the huge, chiming chorus is introduced.  The harmonized voices of Jason Parker and Lisa Parker complete the unique hard rock vocal ensemble. Chris Moore's authoritative drumming and Jason's pulsating bass line drive the song energetically until they suddenly disappear at the beginning of a dramatic odd metered bridge. The bridge is introduced by Daniel's churning 7/8 metered guitar riff. Lisa whales the climactic line of the bridge, "Don't hold onto yesterday. Like a dream its snatched away." After one last chorus, Daniel's solo voice echoes into the distance, a satisfying end to a dramatic piece. Though moderate in length, "Wake Up" captures the epic feel of some of the great classics of hard rock, while still appealing to young fans with modern sensibilities. Listen to the recording at http://www.reverbnation.com/wearetheblacklist .


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The Blacklist In The Studio to Record EP

The Blacklist entered the studio for the first work on a new EP yesterday. Chris Moore laid down some excellent drum tracks. We would like to thank DJ Billy Bures and Chris Miller for their help in engineering this recording. Also, thanks to Mitchell and Abby for help with equipment and setup. There is no definite time table for the release of this recording yet, but we will post updates on its progress.


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