Sales and Shipping Info

 It is our goal to provide customers with some of the best customer service in the reptile industry. The terms of sale listed below are the result of years of experience in the business and are, for the most part, industry standards. Please read this information carefully before making a purchase. In making a purchase, you are accepting the terms below.

*Hatchlings will be sold in pairs unless a surplus of one sex is produced. Inquire for availability. Lone females, if available, will generally be higher in price.

*Once eggs are incubating, offspring can be reserved for a 33% deposit. The remainder of the payment must be made soon after the offspring hatch. This deposit is not refundable if you change your mind. If for some reason we do not produce the animals you have reserved, your deposit will be returned.

*Sometimes we will agree to hold animals for up to a month with a nonrefundable 33% deposit. Please note that this deposit is not refundable if the balance is not paid within a month.

*Deposits must be sent as checks or money orders via mail. See information below on mail payments. Please note that we no longer accept paypal payments for deposits.

*Adults and subadults as well as snakes acquired from other sources (not bred by us) may occasionally be available. Check Animals For Sale page

*Due to the large numbers of animals we deal with, it is not always possible for us to post or send pictures of each individual animal or extra pictures of animals already posted. We realize that in certain projects the offspring are quite variable and we will try to make exceptions when reasonable. In other projects, many of the offspring are very similar and it is difficult for even us to assess their potential. We will usually post a picture of an individual offspring typical of that bloodline. The first buyers generally get the nicest animals.

*We accept postal money orders, checks, cash (at shows), and Paypal. You may pay with a credit card through the paypal website. Animals will be shipped only after payment is received and cleared.

*Our facility is not open to the public, but we can set up a meeting place for pick up. Please contact us to arrange this. 

*It is the customer's responsibility to fully inspect animals purchased in person to make sure they meet his/her standards. We can not be responsible for the welfare of the animals once they leave our care. We will not refund for the accidental death of animals left in a vehicle or container in the sun by the customer. Please be sure of the safety your transportation/temporary housing procedures in advance of purchase. The customer must pay shipping or transportation costs if they choose to return an animal. 

*Please contact us to arrange shipping. Animals are guaranteed to arrive alive at your door if the temperature is between 30 and 80 degrees F. In times of extreme temperatures, we can have your package held at the closest shipping center for you to pick up.  You must be there to accept package delivery for the guarantee to apply (no packages left on door steps).

*While the vast majority of our shipments go smoothly and successfully, there are problems on occasion. If you receive an animal that is dead on arrival, please send us a digital image of the deceased individual within four hours of recorded delivery time and we will fully refund the cost of that animal or provide you with a replacement if you so choose. 

*Standard shipping rates:

Live Animals


1-6 Small Snakes, Turtles, or Lizards $50

7-15 Small Snakes, Turtles, or Lizards $65

1-2 Adult Snakes, Medium Turtles, or Lizards $50

2-4 Adult Snakes, Medium Turtles, or Lizards $65

Add $15 for every two additional Adult Snakes, Medium Turtles or Lizards

Dry Goods 

These are shipped the cheapest way possible, unless you specify otherwise

1-3 Small Items $4

1-3 AVS Books $4

1 Large Item $5

1 Large Book $5

These rates are nonnegotiable. Cost of shipping must be paid by the customer before package is shipped. 

*Paying via Paypal:

Go to and log onto your account (or open a new, free account if you donít have one already). You may also opt to pay with a credit card through the paypal website.

Once logged on, choose "send money". When it asks to whom, type in

Be sure there are no misspellings. Then enter in the total cost of the items desired including shipping.

*Paying via Credit Card:

We can accept credit card payments made online via You do not have to have a paypal account to pay with a credit card. If you would like to pay by credit card, let us know and we can send a payment request to your email address. Unfortunately, we can not accept credit card payments over the phone at this time.

*Paying via Check or Money Order:

We accept check or money orders sent via USPS by priority only for fast arrival with a tracking or delivery confirmation number.  Please let us know when you send the payment and send us the tracking or delivery confirmation number so we know to be on the lookout. We can not hold animals longer than the 1-3 days it takes for a priority shipment to arrive. Please make payments out to Sunshine Serpents, include a note letting us know what you are purchasing, and send to this address:

Sunshine Serpents

4265 US Highway 98 N #513
Lakeland, FL 33809


The address above is a mailing address only. Our physical facility is not open to the public.

Lakeland, FL 33809


If you have any questions, would like to discuss a purchase, or just want to talk herps, feel free to contact us at

Sunshine Serpents on Facebook