Sunshine Serpents Educational Programs and Presentations

Are you looking for an interesting program for your next event? Sunshine Serpents offers a variety of presentations designed for various age groups and specialty levels. Led by veteran teacher, lecturer and reptile specialist Daniel Parker, these programs are both enjoyable and educational. Parker has spoken for school groups, scout troops, and summer camps as well as reptile shows and herpetological societies. We have several different presentations geared towards different audiences. Here are the presentations we offer:


Snakes of the Southeast

An overview of the snakes of the southeastern United States with emphasis on identification, safety, and conservation. Covers all of the native venomous species. Includes live animals and powerpoint for a one hour session. Audience has the opportunity to touch and see nonvenomous snakes up close as they learn about their natural history and habits. This program works well for general audiences. It can be geared toward companies and organizations that do work in the outdoors.


Field Herping Adventures

Daniel Parker gives whirl wind photographic tours of his travels around the country and the herps he has found along the way. We offer several geography specific programs that include powerpoint and work well for reptile shows, herp society meetings, and other gatherings of serious reptile enthusiasts. These presentations run around one hour. Here are the areas we cover:


Field Herping Adventures in Florida

Field Herping Adventures in Florida's Green Swamp

Field Herping Adventures on Central Florida's Ridges

Field Herping Adventures in Texas

Field Herping Adventures in the Gulf Coast States (Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana)

Field Herping Adventures in the Carolinas and Georgia


SPecies and Genera Specific Presentations-Natural History and Captive Care

These programs includes powerpoint packed with colorful photos and work well for reptile shows, herp society meetings, conservation group meetings, and other gatherings of naturalists and animal enthusiasts. They run around one hour long.


Indigo Snakes-The North American Drymarchon

The North American Rat Snakes Elaphe obsoleta and bairdi

Kingsnakes of Florida Lampropeltis

The North American Box Turtles Terrapene


For more information on rates and booking, please email Daniel Parker at or call (863) 441-5067. 


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