Sunshine Serpents is all about reptiles and amphibians.

 We are dedicated to conservation and educating the public about the animals we are passionate about. We guide tours into the realm of snakes, alligators, turtles, and other exciting wildlife.

We lead educational presentations and lectures (which include live animals) for all ages at schools, summer camps, libraries, conventions, and various other venues.

Sunshine Serpents offers personality talent, consultation, and technical services for film and photography projects involving wildlife.

Daniel Alien Invaders

We are the source for high quality captive reptiles and amphibians, providing high quality pets for the beginning hobbyist and rare specimens for the advanced herpetoculturist.

If you are looking to plan an exciting adventure into wild Florida, prepare a unique and interesting event, create a film involving wildlife, or are considering a new pet or captive breeding project, please consider Sunshine Serpents.


Daniel and Lisa Parker